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Lessons and Coachings

Piano // Voice // Ensemble

Private Lessons
Private Piano Lessons are offered weekly in 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions, depending on the student’s age/level.  Students are expected to practice daily.  As part of taking private lessons, students are provided with a variety of studio opportunities.  Please contact me for current tuition rates.
Accompanying / Collaborations

Accompanying services are available for lessons, recitals, auditions, competitions, and for private studio recitals. Naoko is experienced in both instrumental and vocal repetoire. If you are in need of an seasoned collaborator for such occasions, please contact me for rates and availibility.
Vocal Coaching

For the singer who would like to polish arias and songs for performance/ auditions, and for singers who would like constructive feedback for personal edification.  Naoko will provide guidance with her expertise in diction, musical styles, vocal pedagogy, and body mapping. Sessions are tailored to the singer's needs and concerns.


Diction Coaching

Naoko has extensive experience coaching English, Italian, Fench, German, and Japanese diction. She will help you master sounds and concepts of the language(s) of your choice and help you apply them to singing.  Each session is tailored to the client.  Coachings will be planned according to your needs so can acquire the skills you need to expressively communicate in any language you choose.

Singing in English: I want to sound like a native singer!
In this course, you will learn how to read the International Phonetic Alphabet and learn the rules of english diction (pronunciation).  Throughout the course, students will recieve coaching on sounds and concepts that are found in the language.  The student will learn to use the concepts and apply them to their song with the guidance of a native speaker with the expertise of vocal coaching.  


Dont miss out!


Email for details.

Voice Lab 

~ Female Voice Ensemble~


Come experiment with your voice and unlock your true voice.


We meet every Wednesday @ 7:30 pm online through Zoom.


Please go to the Contact page to get more information.

SBS Logo.jpg
South Bay Singers

~ Mixed Voice Ensemble~

South Bay Singers (SBS) is a group of Japanese singers that come from various walks of life.  This community of singers cares deeply about the Japanese community and are passionate about edifying the community through music.  We strive to expand and heighten the artistic sensibilities of the Japanese music community through studying and performing classical repertoire, training and learning with the assistance of the expertise of professional musicians and pedagogues and applying those skills to showcase a variety of repertoire in the highest caliber, so it can reach the largest audience possible.  Please come join us in our pursuit of musical excellence!

Currently meeting every Saturday afternoons on Zoom.

Please go to the Contact page or visit the South Bay Singers website for more information.

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