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Album of Flowers and Greenery
​From the Composer

As unpublished pieces for women's choir began to accumulate, I took a look to see if they could be compiled into a collection of songs. I noticed that there were some songs with common themes in their lyrics. Thus, "Shokusai no Album" was created. "Shokusai植彩" is a word I coined, derived from the word "植栽" meaning planting. It evokes an image of a space filled with songs adorned with flowers and trees. These seven songs were composed over a wide range of years, from 2006 to 2019, and each carries its own unique character.


"Sakura Blooms" (Lyrics by Kyoko Yanagisawa)

Composed as a commissioned piece for the Rosen Choir of Otaru City (Conducted by Wataru Komatsuya, Piano by Yumi Yokotani) and released in 2013 as part of a women's choir song collection ("Chorus of Flowers"). I have decided to excerpt it for inclusion in this book. The gentle flow of the words by the silhouette artist Kyoko Yanagisawa evokes the spring breeze.


"Like Bamboo" (Lyrics by Miyako Takenaka)

A piece born in 2006 as part of a project for the "Hokuto Pia Choral Festival" organized by the Japan Choral Conductors Association. It was presented simultaneously in mixed and women's choir versions and later included in the mixed choir song collection "Wind, Flute, and Sun" (Published by Kawai). It powerfully sings the wish entrusted to small lives.


"In the Clover Field" (Lyrics by Junko Takahashi)

Commissioned by KC Clover rooted in Kobe Jogakuin (Conducted by Kyoko Iinuma, Piano by Keiko Kumagai). Kobe Jogakuin has a beautiful clover courtyard, and the choir's name is inspired by it. This poem was chosen for the memorable 10th anniversary concert (2019). The piano expresses the wind and transforms into light at the conclusion.


"With All One's Might" (Lyrics by Hajime Kijima)

Composed for the 50th-anniversary concert of the Kyoritsu Women's University Choir (Conducted by Hiroji Toyama, Piano by Mariko Suzuki) in 2007. Wanting to pass on the choir's long history to the earnestly blooming current students, I chose this poem.


"Rilke's Rose" (Lyrics by Bansuke Shigematsu)

Composed as part of the "Chorus of Flowers" like "Sakura Blooms." It uses a newly created text inspired by Rilke's poetry about roses. To be candid, the originally planned poem couldn't be used, so the composer hastily wrote this one. Thus, Bansuke Shigematsu becomes myself.

"Cosmos" (Lyrics by Tomohiro Hoshino)

Originally composed in 2008 as a mixed three-part choir piece (Commissioned by the Gunma Prefecture High School Cultural Federation Chorus Department, Premiered at the 33rd National High School Comprehensive Cultural Festival Mie Convention Chorus Division in 2009, Conducted by Ruriko Shimizu, Piano by Nahoko Fukushima). The women's choir version was arranged when creating "(Chorus of Flowers)." The piano plays a swing rhythm, but the choir parts are not in a pop style; please enjoy the broad landscape with legato.


"A Bouquet for You" (Lyrics by Kayoko Umesawa)

This song was presented at a concert commemorating the 30th anniversary of Shonan Hamayuu (Conducted by Tsutomu Matsumura, Piano by Sachiko Oda). Although it is a short piece, it carries a drama with rich ups and downs.


As I look at these seven songs, various scenes come to mind. I deeply thank everyone who supported me at the premiere. The order of inclusion in this book was arranged by Mr. Adegawa, an editor at Kawai Publishing, considering the performance effects.


September 2020,

Takatomi Nobunaga

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